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Our Work

The Minderoo Centre for Technology and Democracy will initially draw upon key areas of experience and excellence at Cambridge. These will include:

  • Public Understanding: developing innovative ways of enhancing public understanding of digital technology; critically examining tech narratives about AI, machine-learning, and the deterministic thinking that accompanies them; and building journalistic capacity to critically interrogate tech platforms — including their business models, data protection and handling, political lobbying and exploitation of capabilities of the technology.
  • Environmental consequences: examining the environmental impact of ICT to acquire and disseminate an informed, independent assessment of the planetary consequences of the industry’s continued rate of expansion.
  • Work: refocusing the conversation on the future of work to consider the meaning work brings to people’s lives, and the significance for democracy when it is taken away. This will include the rise of the gig economy with its attendant insecurities, work patterns and ‘management by algorithm’; and the democratic implications of technologies which eliminate rather than create jobs.
  • Trust: a study of how digital technologies and the organisations that deploy them can become more trustworthy than they are at present.
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